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WooCommerce: 8 Best Email Marketing Services

by adminkys

Emails are a vital part of a successful eCommerce store. Successful store owners nurture their potential customers using email automation and send them the right information in right time to nudge them towards purchase.

They setup automation to create a relationship with their customers by sending emails (Welcome emails, Discount emails/Upsell Offers, Abandoned cart emails, Order confirmation emails,Post-Purchase Follow Up) based on buyers journey they are in.

Best WooCommerce email marketing automation tools:

Provider Price Subscribers
Mailer Lite $10 per month 1000 subscribers
MailPoet $12.50 per month 1250 subscribers
OmniSend $16 per month 15,000 emails
ConstantContact $20 per month 500 subscribers
Conversio $20 per month 500 subscribers
Jilt $29 per month 1000 subscribers
AutomateWoo $99 per year Single Site Subscription
Remarkety $100 per month 3000 subscribers

1. OmniSend

When it comes to ecommerce email automation Omnisend deserves the top spot.
It’s more than an email marketing tool, because using OmniSend you can reach to your audience through multiple channels including social media, SMS, phone calls, and email.

Top features of OmniSend include:

  • Track and send email to customers who abandoned their cart.
  • Automatically send welcome emails with special offers.
  • Upsell products with order confirmation emails.
  • Drag & Drop content editor.

2. MailPoet

When it comes to eCommerce email marketing campaign, MailPoet is the clear champion. You can automation email based on buyer’s behavior and nudge customers towards purchase without putting too much effort.

Top features of MailPoet include:

  • Persuade customers to subscribe by adding sign-up form to WooCommerce checkout page
  • Send personalized recommendations based on customers purchase
  • Segment based on customers buying habits

3. AutomateWoo

Developer Dan Bitzer launched AutomateWoo in 2015. After several iteration AutomateWoo became the go to email marketing plugin for WooCommerce store owners. After it’s continuous success Automattic, the parent company behind WordPress & WooCommerce acquired AutomateWoo in 2019.

Top features of AutomateWoo includes:

  • Automatically send followup emails
  • Send cart abandonment emails.
  • SMS Notifications.

4. Remarkety

Remarkety email automation lets WooCommerce store owners increase sales from customers and potential customers by sending automated emails based on customers’ behavior and purchase history.

Top features of Remarkety include:

  • Unlimited campaigns and emails
  • Pre-made templates
  • Product recommendations
  • Multi-tier loyalty programs
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Coupon

5. Conversio

Conversion is created by Adii Pienaar. who was the Co-founder of WooThemes, the organization who developed WooCommerce before it was acquired by Automattic. Conversion help you improve Your email profitability with Super-Personalised Email Marketing paired With On-Site Social Proof.

Top features of Conversio include:

  • Powerful segmentation.
  • Automated campaigns.
  • Easy to use Wizard

6. Constant Contact

Constant Contact lets you capture customer email to your Constant Contact email lists during checkout.

Top features of Constant Contact include:

  • Drag and drop products
  • Import WooCommere contacts
  • Behavior based trigger emails

7. Jilt

Jilt is a great service for recover WooCommerce abandoned carts. It’s developed by SkyVerge, the company behind WooCommerce Memberships, WooCommerce Customizer and many more awesome WooCommerce plugins.

Top features of Jilt include:

  • Capture guest customer emails
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Personalized Emails
  • Cart regeneration

8. Mailer Lite

MailerLite offers a powerful email marketing service with a deep integration with WooCommerce.

  • Campaign Sales Tracking
  • Product Importing
  • Purchase-based Automation
  • Give your customers the option to subscribe to your emails at checkout.

Final Words

As a store owner, you should communicate with your customers at the right moment. Email automation helps you do that with ease without spending much time & effort.

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