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WooCommerce: How to Create a iOS / Android App?

by adminkys

This is a guest post by Saleeh K. of Appmaker – if you like the article, make sure to thank him in the comments!

If you own a WooCommerce website, this is the best time to creating an app for your existing and potential customers. According to statista, Google Play store had 3.8M applications and Apple store carried about 2 million apps in Q1 2018. The total app download number was 178+ billion and the same study revealed that this figure will grow to 258 billion by 2022.

While making sure your website is 100% responsive and looks great on mobile phones and small devices, a WooCommerce app can allow your customers to benefit from:

  • faster access
  • personalized content
  • optimized user experience
  • push notifications
  • purchase without logging in
  • better user engagement

However, the major issue faced while getting an app done is definitely its development cost. Right now, hiring a development agency to develop a simple app can cost you USD $5,000-10,000. Apps are not cheap.

Besides, the number of app development agencies is constantly increasing (given the potential earnings and the growing market demand) – and unfortunately the chances you might run into a not-so-professional team of developers are also getting bigger.

Well, have you ever thought of creating an app without worrying about anything (including its price)? The great news is that you can now create a WooCommerce app without any coding skills. And this is exactly what we’ll see in this tutorial.

Creating your WooCommerce app with zero coding

This is what everybody wants: creating a WooCommerce app without any technical knowledge. Appmaker lets you convert your WooCommerce website into an app just like that, without any coding skills. Just provide your website URL and logo and you’re ready to go 🙂 Here are 6 quick steps to go live in less time than you think.

1) Design your WooCommerce app

The main feature provided by Appmaker include a group of widgets which can be used effectively to enhance your app.

You can add, remove and even edit widgets as per your need. The changes and updates are instantly visible in your app.

The widget set includes:

  • Banner: launching a new product or summer special sales? Make it more attractive using product images and/or announcements
  • Slider: display a set of products in a slideshow
  • Product Scroller: showcase products in a carousel
  • Grid: display different products of different categories in a single grid and assign an action for each product
  • Menu: create a menu within the app pages
  • Image scroller: display a set of images on the home page of the app. Choose an action for each image in the scroller
  • Text widget: display text on your app page

Here are a few screenshots – click on any image to enlarge it and load the gallery:

2) Enable navigation menu

A smooth slide-in navigation menu enables your customers to reach the app content. Appmaker allows you to organize your navigation menu items.

3) Enable social login

The standard WooCommerce user registration might bother the end-user.

In Appmaker’s WooCommerce app, you can enable social login. Other than a better user registration rate, you also get your user’s verified email address as well as additional details such as location, birthday, interests and so on.

Facebook signup can be easily implemented with Appmaker by logging into the dashboard. You can also get access to your customers’ up to date profile.

4) Enable push notifications

You can send customized messages to your users by enabling push notifications. Make it more reliable by sending personalized messages instead of annoying the users with common notifications.

This could really work if your motive is to engage your shoppers within the app.

5) Enable multi-language functionality

Appmaker supports multiple languages. If you have customers worldwide, this option will be very useful – they can simply choose the language from the list you provide in the app.

6) Enable 24/7 support

Customer support is crucial to every business. There are many possibilities for the end-users to run into problems and you can give remote support to your customers.

Appmaker supports Zopim chat. Create a Zopim account, connect it to your app by following simple settings and start talking (and selling…) to your customers.

Here are a few screenshots of these functionalities – click on any image to enlarge it and load the gallery:

Wrapping Up

Creating an app for your WooCommerce site is that easy.

Using apps has added advantages such as low cart abandonment rates and higher sales conversion rates compared to websites. You can engage more with your users by sending push notifications, offering in-app live chat app-specific content.

Appmaker lets you design and manage your app with zero coding. With its user-friendly interface, app creation is a lot more reliable and cost-effective 🙂

Appmaker provides a free, no-credit-card-required 15 days trial. Create your app, connect it to your WooCommerce store, and go live fast. You can then easily upload your new app to Google Play and Apple stores.

Good luck 🙂

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