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How to Install WordPress

by adminkys

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is very easy and takes less than five minutes to complete. It is best known for its ease of installation. All web hosting companies allow WordPress installation within few clicks.

There are different methods to install WordPress on a system.

Methods to install WordPress

Using cPanel

This is the fastest and easiest way to install WordPress on your system using cPanel software. The most common tools available to automatically install WordPress are Softaculous, SimpleScripts, Fantastico and De Luxe. All the web hosts allow one-click installation through these tools.

You only have to choose one WordPress host and use installation script in cPanel. You will get your login details and URL link of cPanel via email after signing up for hosting plan.

Using MS Webmatrix

There is a free software program named Microsoft Webmatrix which allows WordPress installation on local system. But this installation is only for Microsoft users.

This software creates a local server, database and everything else needed for the WordPress installation on the system itself and hence, it doesn’t need any live server.

After installation through this method you can easily switch to live web server after choosing a web host.

On local server

To install WordPress on local server you can use software like XAMPP, WAMP and MAMP (for Mac users). These software provide you a server generally Apache, database MySQL on PhpMyAdmin which is required for the installation.

Here, you only have to create a WordPress database using PhpMyAdmin and edit wp config file.

Manually using cPanel or FTP

Manually WordPress can be installed using either cPanel or FTP. It creates a new database to connect your files and database by uploading WordPress files to the root directory on your web server.

This process involves a bit technical knowledge and hence this is not recommended for the beginners level.

Prerequisites before installing WordPress

Before installing WordPress you need to make sure the availability of certain things.

They are as follows:

  • Downloaded latest version of WordPress
  • A good web hosting company’s hosting account with FTP access
  • cPanel access
  • A standard database like MySQL

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