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WooCommerce: 25 Developers You Should Follow

by adminkys

Due to hyper growth & increasing reach of the internet (more precisely 1 million new users each day), more brick and mortar stores are now open to the idea of opening their own online store. Reaching bigger demographics and ability to sell 24 hours outweighs everything.

Since WordPress is affordable & easy to use and manage, a lot of people (27% of all websites are powered by WordPress) builds their website with WordPress. And if they aspire to run a full fledged ecommerce store on WordPress, there is no better alternative available than WordPress default ecommerce plugin, WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is the best free ecommerce plugin for WordPress. Every day thousands of aspiring business owners install WordPress & WooCommerce to fulfill their dream & reach to a new height. There is no indication that this growth will stop anytime soon.

So if you consider yourself a WordPress developer, it’s better to get your hands dirty in WooCommerce development. And here are some of the best developer blogs for learning how to customize WooCommerce.

We’ll kick off the list with the “WooCommerce Developer Blog”, of course. This is the number one blog your should subscribe to because, you know, it’s the official one!


WooCommerce Developer Blog

The Official blog for WooCommerce development. If you want to keep track of everything (development decisions, changelog and scoping of future versions) that is happening with WooCommerce, then it should be your number one go-to resource.

Mike Jolley

Mike Jolley

One of the great minds behind WooCommerce is Mike Jolley. He is the Lead Developer of WooCommerce and also known for his popular job board plugin WP Job Manager. Both of them have been acquired by Automattic. Mike Jolley posts WooCommerce development tutorials and snippets.

Rémi Corson

Rémi Corson works at Automattic as a WooCommerce support technician. He continues to deliver fantastic content that focuses on getting the most out of WooCommerce and tailor it according to your store needs.

Kathy Darling

Kathy is the author of some useful WordPress plugins. She is an expert in her field, if you want to have an in-depth idea about WordPress development, do check her blog.

Gerhard Potgieter

Gerhard Potgieter works as a Code Wrangler at Automattic. His blog is filled with rare WooCommerce development tips & tricks.

Bryce Adams

A familiar face to most, Bryce Adams, former WooCommerce employee, went and built his own WooCommerce analytics product called Metorik. If you aspire to be a WooCommerce developer, that’s a site you should keep in mind.

Nicola Mustone

Nicola Mustone works as a WooCommerce Support Ninja at Automattic. Here is someone who makes complex WooCommerce problems look easy. He regularly publishes tutorials about WordPress & WooCommerce development.

Jeroen Sormani

If you are using WooCommerce to run your online shop, there is a slight chance that you may have used one of Jeroen’s plugin. Jeroen is responsible for various WordPress plugin and over 600 WordPress websites (among these more than 70 are WooCommerce webshops).

Coen Jacobs

Backend developer, formerly worked at WooCommerce. The Author of some of the useful free WooCommerce plugins. In his blog, you will find helpful articles about WordPress development and WooCommerce.

Caleb Burks

Caleb works as WooCommerce Ninja at Automattic. His blog is packed with useful tips, tricks & tutorials about WooCommerce development. If you have a topic in mind that you want Caleb to write about, you can go ahead and use this form to submit the blog idea.

Daniel Santoro

Daniel Santoro, currently a WooCommerce Specialist at Automattic, who also has a solid background in narrative filmmaking. In his blog, he put together some incredible actionable resources about WooCommerce customization. He was part of the team who revamped WooThemes Video tutorial workflow process and was involved in planning, scriptwriting, editing, production, and deployment of these video tutorials.

Stuart Duff

Stuart Duff is working as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. His blog posts are targeted towards WordPress and WooCommerce developers.

Con Schneider

Con Schneider works a WooCommerce Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I really enjoy his articles about various WooCommerce topics. Con will keep you updated on the latest WooCommerce development tips and tricks.

Patrick Garman

Patrick Garman is a Partner at Mindsize, a web development agency that focuses on developing performance tuned eCommerce websites. He has vast experience when it comes to eCommerce & WooCommerce development. Prior to Mindsize he used to work at ColourPop Cosmetics, WebDevStudios & WooCommerce (previously known as WooThemes) . He is well known for his in-depth knowledge of the inner-workings of WooCommerce. If you’ve been paying attention at all to WooCommerce Help & Share Facebook group, surely you will have come across his name.  In his blog, you’ll find some rare gem about eCommerce & WooCommerce development.

Gabor Javorszky

Let me start by saying that if you haven’t read Gabor’s articles on WooCommerce development, check them out now. They’re pure gold! Gabor Javorszky is WordPress & WooCommerce developer who specializes in Subscriptions and advanced functionality.

Gabe Shackle

This is the only thing you should know about his blog: well-researched articles that focus on everything customizing WooCommerce, ACF & WordPress.

James Kemp 

James is the man with the plan. He is the founder of IconicWP, a web development agency that focuses on developing awesome WooCommerce plugins. His blog is constantly updated with useful WooCommerce tutorials and guides which break down the complex WooCommerce stuff step-by-step.

Beka Rice

A very familiar face, Beka Rice is the Product Lead at SkyVerge and author behind SellWithWP and SkyVerge blog. You will spend hours browsing through her detailed articles, she makes eCommerce and WooCommerce seem easy. She’s that good!

Patrick Rauland

Patrick Rauland, eCommerce Consultant and former WooCommerce Product Manager, who led 3 WooCommerce releases. He has vast experience when it comes to WooCommerce. He is one of the forces behind the magic that is Lift Off Summit.

Robin Scott

Robin Scott is the man behind Silicon Dales, a WooCommerce Gold accredited web development agency. Silicon Dales blog has some pretty wicked tips, tricks and tutorials so make sure you check them out.

Igor Benić

Igor Benic

Igor Benić is a WordPress developer who writes mostly about WordPress. Igor is quickly becoming a prominent voice in the WooCoomerce industry.

Tutor Aspire

If you have ever been to any WooCommerce Facebook Group or Google, you may have seen Tutoraspire at least once in the search results. He provides extreme value to the WooCommerce community by creating helpful content in a timely manner.

Chris Flannagan

Chris Flannagan, Backend Developer at Modern Tribe, blogs regularly at whoischris.com. In his blog, he has some very popular and extremely useful articles on customizing WooCommerce.

Barry Kooij

Barry is one of the talented developer & early employee of WooCommerce. He left the WooCommerce team after it was acquired by Automattic and focused on building his own WordPress products at Never5. You will find some useful tutorial & snippets on his blog about how to develop WooCommerce plugins.

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