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WooCommerce: How to Enhance the Product Gallery

by adminkys

Product featured and gallery images are important components of your online WooCommerce store – because most online shoppers base their product purchase decisions on product images. 

Don’t take our word for it. According to Etsy, 90% of online customers say the product image quality is a decisive factor in an online sale. Thus, it becomes imperative to improve your product images and the visual appearance of your online store to boost clicks, maximize conversions, and increase sales. 

Unfortunately, the standard WooCommerce product gallery provides a basic interface – making it difficult to boost your product images. So, if you want to turn your simple WooCommerce product gallery into a responsive and stunning carousel slider – this article is for you.

We share the top plugins you can use to customize your WooCommerce product gallery and create appealing product images that drive sales. But first, let’s see how improving gallery images can help your online store. 

Here are some reasons why improving your WooCommerce product gallery can help your store boost its sales and conversions:

  • Helps attract customers and improve sales as most online consumers evaluate products based on their images quality and size – larger product images increase sales by 9.46%
  • The default WooCommerce product gallery only displays a few images beneath the featured product image – limiting the scope of adding images for product variations
  • Allows you to include integrated product videos and provide zooming options to give customers a complete and closer look at your products. 
  • Allows you to match your gallery with your WordPress theme – improving the overall store’s visual appearance. 

So, if you wish to leverage these benefits and make the most out of customizing your WooCommerce product gallery – let’s look at some of the most popular Product Gallery plugins. 

If you want to integrate audio and video files within your WooCommerce product image gallery to add a unique touch to your products., Yith WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content plugin is the right choice.

What makes this plugin unique from others is that besides adding product images from different angles and usage – it also lets you add audio files to products like audiobooks or video courses with playlists, especially for digital products like video games, software, or programs.  

In addition, you can easily display product videos in a sidebar, choose to add video controls, display videos in a modal view, customize the product bar’s style, and leverage WPML compatibility.       

Top feature: This plugin lets you add new and different videos for each product variation that displays on the page once the user selects a relevant variation. In addition, you can also embed YouTube video code to add videos, besides YouTube URL, ID, and Upload. 

Pricing: $59.99/year with one year of support and updates and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

WooThumbs for WooCommerce

WooThumbs for WooCommerce is a handy and powerful product image gallery plugin that helps customize your product gallery with exceptional features within minutes. It offers a range of customization options compared to other plugins mentioned here to create, modify, and improve your product gallery for higher conversions. 

You can change the image gallery layout that matches your store’s theme, enable sliding thumbnails to enhance the browsing experience, leverage multiple zoom options, and use the slide or fade effect to impress your customers. 

Moreover, you can easily embed high-quality product videos to create a better impact and increase sales. You can play Vimeo, YouTube, or self-hosted MP4 videos, incorporate Wistia or SoundCloud via an iframe, or enable loop and autoplay options to minimize friction for customers. 

Besides these features – you can add unlimited images for different product variations to give customers a complete picture of your product, and allow customers to view products in a mobile-friendly and full-screen gallery. 

Top feature: Compared to other plugins, this plugin doesn’t affect your store’s performance and speed, provides fast loading speed with advanced caching and is highly accessible – a better solution for the visually impaired. 

Pricing: The plugin license costs $79/year; however, you can choose the All Access Bundle at $499/year. 

This is the best plugin to add a fully customizable WooCommerce image gallery slider for a single product page. In addition, it comes with exciting features – including vertical and horizontal gallery layouts, sliding, click, image navigation, and fancybox 3. 

If you want to display your product images beautifully, in sequences with different views and product variations to attract customers and improve the overall experience – this plugin can help you.

Besides the primary product slider feature – other features include navigation support, slider AutoPlay options, responsive layout, and RTL mode. In addition, it’s also highly compatible with most WooCommerce premium themes and page builders like Divi, WP Bakery builder, and Beaver Builder. 

Top feature: Its fancybox fullscreen view lets you zoom product images, integrate an auto image slide effect, and display thumbnails. 

Pricing: $39

This plugin provides a simple one-click installation to transform your default WooCommerce product gallery into a beautiful and responsive product image carousel slider. 

Besides offering a responsive layout – this plugin provides 8+ one-click templates, 18 arrow icon options, multiple bullets, thumbnails, and bullet thumbnails options. 

In addition, it also supports simple and variable WooCommerce products, slider animation, slider RTL, slider infinitely, pause on hover, autoplay speed, and lightbox options to improve customer experience. 

Top feature: Compared to other plugins – it offers 150+ customizable product gallery design and style options. 

Pricing: The Regular License costs $21, while the Extended License costs $110. 

The TP WooCommerce Product Gallery plugin is 100% responsive and provides three different zoom systems and transitions between images in the product lightbox.

Besides offering the common slider autoplay options, navigation support, and thumbnails – it also provides unique features like Adaptive Height (for single slide horizontal carousels) and horizontal slider to customize slide height, background color, and arrow and icon types. 

However, if you want more advanced features for your product gallery – you can opt for its pro version. The pro version offers an infinite loop, a mouse dragging option, center mode support, default WooCommerce zoom option support, and touch and swipe support for thumbnails. 

Thus, if you want exciting features like smooth image loading at an affordable price – go for the TP WooCommerce Product Gallery pro plugin for your store and attract customers. 

Top feature: Provides YouTube and Vimeo video integration in product gallery, 4 zoom options (hover, grab, click to toggle, and click to activate), and 30 full lightbox control options. 

Pricing: Free, but you can also go for the pro version, which costs $20, $55, and $80 for 1, 3, and 5 websites, respectively. 

This easy-to-use and lightweight plugin improve your WooCommerce product gallery with excellent features and functionalities. 

You can choose from two different gallery layout options – horizontal and vertical slider, customize the slide arrow with different color options that match your store theme and enable touch and swipe for product images. 

However, the pro version supports much more premium features. For instance, while the free plugin version supports only a few lightbox thumbnails images – the pro version offers upto 10 lightbox options.  

Top feature: It’s highly compatible with most premium WooCommerce themes and provides zoom and lightbox customization and color options for image popup icons. 

Pricing: Free, but you can also go for the pro version, which costs $15. 

Thrive Website Design built the out-of-the-box WooSwipe WooCommerce Gallery plugin using PhotoSwipe and slick carousel

This plugin works best with the WooCommerce gallery settings and offers an easy way to build carousels and make product navigation a breeze. Besides being mobile-friendly and highly responsive – it supports full-size images to better view the products and provides two color options to customize your product gallery. 

One of the unique features of this plugin is its pinot to Pinterest option and offers reliable support and access to a community of experts to help troubleshoot all your doubts and queries. 

Top feature: One of the top features of this plugin is the keyboard controls – allowing customers to browse through and navigate your product gallery using keyboard controls, making navigation much more accessible. 

Pricing: Free


If you still rely on the standard WooCommerce product gallery, it’s time to upgrade the visual appearance of your WooCommerce featured images and product galleries to maximize sales and boost conversions. 

These plugins allow you to customize navigation, embed videos, customize gallery layout, and layout color per your store’s theme to improve customer experience. While you can choose the free plugins – the premium versions offer advanced features and functionalities with better customization capabilities. 

So, explore the best WooCommerce product gallery plugins mentioned in this article and choose a relevant solution for your store per your needs and budget requirements. 

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