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WordPress Features

by adminkys

Reasons to use WordPress

There are many reasons to use WordPress in today’s scenario as it provides a great help to its users in all respect.

Creating a website without logical skill

The most interesting and best part about WordPress is that anyone can create his/her own website on this without any coding or designing skills. Out of million users on WordPress, most of them are neither designers nor programmers.

To create a website on WordPress you only need an Internet connection and a web browser.

Provide a range of Themes

It gives thousand types of template options to give any type of feel and look to a website. They are very easy to customize as they come with their own option panel which allows users to select colors, background, sliders, fonts, logos and many more.

Plugins to add functionality

It provides both free and premium types of plugins. These plugins add extra functionality or may give a whole new platform to a website. It allows a user to add photo galleries, shopping carts and much more.

Free and Open-source platform

WordPress is a free and open-source software. It is free to install and use. As a new user you can easily create a website of your own that too absolutely free. It never has any type of hidden charges once a user started using it.

Being an open-source, you can alter the source-code according to your need. Anyone can become a contributor to WordPress by answering questions, creating themes or writing plugins.

Adding a blog is very easy

WordPress came into existence with blogging and still mostly consider it as a blogging site. It provides all type of blog solutions from designing, styling to the anti spam solutions. It will meet your demands in all possible ways.

More secure

It only takes 5 minutes to install, and is really fast in updating for security and new functionality. Upgrading to a new version is automatic and very fast as it provides a one link click upgradation. It constantly updates its site and software to prevent from hacking.

Google and WordPress

In a press conference in 2009, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam team said that “Google loves WordPress”. Even WordPress simple plugins and themes are also really attractive to Google. WordPress is a better option when doing SEO due to its framework which is easy to crawl.

Inserting Multimedia

A user whether writing a blog or creating a website, need to insert videos, pictures to make its content more powerful. WordPress makes it very easy to upload a multimedia file or to make some editing in files like images.


A website needs to be responsive for small screens like tablets, smartphones to reach all its users. WordPress is mobile-friendly as its themes are made responsive.

Easy to use

WordPress dashboard always look the same. You don’t need to hire an expert to learn how to use WordPress.

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