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WordPress Themes

With the help of WordPress theme, you can design the layout and appearance of your website in the front-end.

When WordPress is installed, it has a pre-installed theme which is very simple and unattractive. But no one wants a website to be that much simple. To make it more attractive one can install and apply different themes from WordPress.

Themes provide a style (including font styling), colors, page layouts, widget positions, etc. You can change the theme of your site without changing the content of the site. Themes provide a unique look to your site.

Types of WordPress theme

There are thousands of themes available on the WordPress. Some are free and some are paid. You can choose a theme according to your choice.


WordPress provides many good looking themes absolutely free in the WordPress theme directory. If you are using your site for a small audience or yourself, go for free one. Because there are some chances that same theme is being used by another site.


Premium themes may cost you starting from $1,000. Prize varies depending upon the design and requirement of your site.

One advantage in premium themes is that they provide a reliable code base and offer support. It gives you a more enhanced security.

How to make a WordPress theme

Building a WordPress theme is somewhat technical work. To build a theme you should have a little knowledge about the following development languages.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Database

You should know how to use a web server.

Selecting WordPress Theme

WordPress theme should be selected very wisely, so that it perfectly fits on your site. You can select any one either paid or free. It should be complemented to your site.

Themes affect a website in a lot of way. Heavy themes which look great may slow down your website and Google will degrade its ranking. If a theme is not coded properly, it becomes difficult to add any plugin or change that theme.

Theme selection is very important as everything for your website depends upon theme.

Given below are some of the points which may help the users to select a theme for their website.

Look for Simplicity

Your website should look good, but for that you shouldn’t compromise with your site’s functionality. Theme styling should not be complicated. Complexity will make things difficult for your users. All you need is a good theme, so don’t go for an attractive one compromising your users.


Your theme should be compatible with all type of screen sizes. A large number of traffic generates from devices other than laptops and PCs. Google also gives better ranking to the responsive sites. Lot of themes is by default responsive but still there are some themes which are not responsive. So look for a theme which is responsive to make your website accessible by all device users.

Browser Support

Make sure the theme you select is supported by all the browsers. Before selecting it, test it on different browsers for mobiles as well as laptops like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Plugin Support

Plugins are very important for a WordPress site. They enhance the functionality of your site. Make sure that your selected theme must support all the popular plugins.

Multilingual Support

Your theme should support multilingual to support different languages for users.

Help Option

Only some developers provide support option with free themes, not all. So, if you messed up with your site then you may have to solve it on your own. So rather than facing all these problems, you should better choose a theme which has a good documentation and support help option.

SEO Friendliness

To increase your site performance on search engines, choose a theme which is SEO friendly. Many theme developers will let you know whether their theme is SEO friendly or not.

Ratings and Reviews

Before downloading a theme, have a look on its rating and reviews. A theme has both good and bad reviews, but if there are more negative reviews then read it carefully and consider it once again.

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