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WordPress Versions

Till now many versions of WordPress has launched. Some of them are older versions, some are older but still supported, some are latest and some are still not launched.

The name of WordPress versions are kept on the United States musicians name.

Older Versions

Version Released date Musician Purpose
0.7 May 27, 2003 none Numbering is continued with last release of b2
1.0 Jan 3, 2004 Davis Additions of search engine friendly links
1.2 May 22, 2004 Mingus Plugin support added
1.5 Feb 17, 2005 Strayhorn Added features to manage static page and theme system
2.0 Dec 31, 2005 Duke Added features like rich editing, faster posting, image uploading and many more
2.1 Jan 22, 2007 Ella Redesigned interface, corrected security issues, improved editing tools and content management system
2.2 May 16, 2007 Getz Widget support for templates were added
2.3 Sept 24, 2007 Dexter Some security fixes, added native tagging support and brought easy notification of updates
2.5 Mar 29, 2008 Brecker Improved systems like plugin, editor, multi-file upload, extended search
2.6 Jul 15, 2008 Tyner Made WordPress as more powerful CMS, enables track changes to every post and page and allows posting from anywhere
2.7 Dec 11, 2008 Coltrane Added automatic upgrade, administration interface redesigned fully
2.8 June10,2009 Baker Redesigned widget interface, added improvement in speed
2.9 Dec 19, 2009 Carmen Added built-in image editor, global undo, batch plugin updating
3.0 June17,2010 Thelonious Added a new theme APIs, new default theme “Twenty Ten”, new UI
3.1 Feb23, 2011 Reinhardt Added admin bar which is displayed in all pages when admin is logged in, a new writing interface
3.2 Jul 4, 2011 Gershwin Made WordPress faster and lighter seeing growing speed in WordPress community
3.3 Dec 12, 2011 Sonny Focus on making WordPress familiar for tablet users and beginners
3.4 June13,2012 Green Improvements on theme customization and other minor changes
3.5 Dec 11,2102 Elvin new theme “Twenty Twelve”, support for color picker, retina display
3.6 Aug 1, 2013 Oscar New theme “Twenty Thirteen”, autosave, post locking, admin enhancements

Older Supported Versions

Version Released date Musician Purpose
3.7 Oct 24, 2013 Basie Automatic apply maintenance and security updates in background, recommendation of strong password
3.8 Dec 12, 2013 Parker New theme “Twenty Fourteen”, responsive for mobile devices, improved admin interface, easy main dashboard
3.9 Apr 16, 2014 Smith New theme browser, improvements in live widget, header previews
4.0 Sept 4, 2014 Benny Easy language change, plugin compatibility with PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6
4.1 Dec 18, 2014 Dinah New theme “Twenty Fifteen”, vine embeds and distraction free writing
4.2 Apr 23, 2015 Powell “Press This” feature, emoji and improved character support
4.3 Aug 18, 2015 Billie More focus on mobile users, improved customizer and better passwords
4.4 Dec 8, 2015 Clifford New theme “Twenty Sixteen”, improved responsive images
4.5 Apr 12, 2016 Coleman Added live responsive features, inline linking and some other updates

Latest Version

Version Released date Musician Purpose
4.6 Aug 16, 2016 Pepper Added native fonts, streamline updates and content recovery

Future Version

Version Released date Musician Purpose
4.7 Dec 2016 none Release is scheduled for December 2016
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